What is MUSÉE?  About the MUSÉE Web site
What is MUSÉE?
MUSÉE is a not-for-profit organization that works with cultural institutions around the world to provide services to museums, schools, and the general public. MUSÉE’s mission, since it was founded in 1992, is to enhance cultural awareness, advance education at all levels, and stimulate public interest in cultural institutions.
MUSÉE is helping cultural institutions prepare for the future by fostering information exchange on existing and emerging electronic technologies. MUSÉE does this through the use of both online and traditional forums where cultural institutions are made more aware of new technologies. Through MUSÉE’s programs, museums may also be able to gain access to new forms of revenue generation.
MUSÉE has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Internet resources for museum content by educational foundations, government entities and many publications, such as The New York Times and The London Times.
How is MUSÉE funded?
MUSÉE has received funding from the Peder Wallenberg Family Foundation, J. Paul Getty Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, European Union, and United States Department of Education. Private donors also support MUSÉE with tax-deductible gifts. MUSÉE is managed and administered by unpaid volunteers.
In what types of activities does MUSÉE engage?
MUSÉE serves as a resource for museums to evaluate and pursue potential relationships with funders and commercial partners to develop and market educational products based on museum collections and research. MUSÉE never charges museums for its services and it provides free access to every museum Web site in the world through its Web presence.

MUSÉE has built cultural content resources and services to benefit the museum community, the public-at-large and the learning community. Over the past ten years MUSÉE’s objectives paralleled the needs of the museum community to:

  • Create a robust Internet presence for museums at local, regional, national and international levels;
  • Secure a long-term sustainable future for museums and galleries by making them more widely accessible and inclusive to people from a variety of cultural, educational and social backgrounds;
  • Ensure museums have a valued social purpose by publicizing their community-minded activities and resources;
  • Aggregate museum-based curriculum materials as an accessible resource to learners of all ages;
  • Mobilize the resources of the museum community through collaborative efforts;
  • Regenerate museums as economic forces in their communities; and
  • Leverage the popularity, rich content, community role, and educational value of museums into the opportunity to create earned income.
For more information about MUSÉE or our Web site, please contact us via email at info@musee-online.org.
About the MUSÉE Web site

The MUSÉE Web site is now better than ever with recent improvements to its functionality and graphical presentation. It is the only Web site that provides access to virtually every museum in the world—organized into over 100 different types of museums (explore our comprehensive list in the margins).

Among MUSÉE’s new features are:

  • A search engine that links to and explores nearly 37,000 museums worldwide.
  • Pages of information on museums that even UNESCO does not know about—including museums without their own Web sites.
  • Museum Info pages that contain visitor information for quick reference, such as
    • Museum Description
    • Contact Information
    • Operating Hours & Admissions
    • Museum Collections & Activities
    • Available Facilities – Handicapped Access, Café, Museum Shop, Audio tours, etc.
  • A Museum Category Directory – Seven categories are organized for drilling down to your favorite type of museum and all the museums in each category.
    • Art & Design
    • Film Fashion Food & Music
    • History
    • Kids
    • Science & Nature
    • Special Interest
    • Sports
  • Homepage Content
    • Featured Museum Exhibition – Check out each week’s exciting selection.
    • Random Museum Picks – A quick list of museums you probably have never heard of. Click on one and explore new territory.
    • More Museum Links – A glimpse at the museum content available to users who use the MUSÉE Web site search engine.


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